Welcome to the LTC Customer Service Portal for AlaskaCare Members!

The links provided on this page will allow you to access a variety of resources.

Click on the Login menu item to register and login into the 'Your Care Assistant' portal to view your current claim status, current Plan of Care, send secure messages to your Care Manager, grant access to this site to family members or caregivers you select and find other helpful information.

When registering into the Portal, you will prompted to enter the following information:

1. Retiree ID Number (RIN) - Policy Number field
2. First and Last Name - As listed in your policy
3. Date of Birth - Member Date of Birth
4. Zip Code - This much match your mailing address as listed in your policy
5. Last 4 digits of SSN

Click on the Downloadable forms menu item to view AlaskaCare LTC documents.

Click on the Contact Us menu item to view our LTC Customer Service contact number and LTC claims' address.